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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is A/C FilterSmart?

    A/C FilterSmart® is a program offered by FPL Energy Services that takes the guesswork out of changing your A/C filter. For many people selecting the right filter, remembering their filter size and changing the filters at regular intervals just doesn’t happen. The A/C FilterSmart multi-packs makes this simple. We provide filter options that meet most customer’s needs and with our custom sizes, we provide over 1,700 unique sizes. By purchasing in multi-packs (multiples of 4) we pass on our saving to you. With our optional reminder service you never have to worry about forgetting to change your filter again, reminder service (optional) means never forgetting to change your filter again, helping you to reduce energy usage and preserving the life of your home’s air conditioner. If you don’t want to purchase multi-packs, go to to learn about our premium single filter subscription service conveniently billed monthly on your FPL bill.

  • 2. What does A/C FilterSmart® provide?

    FPL Energy Services' A/C FilterSmart® program provides participating customers with a new, air conditioning filter(s) shipped right to their door on a predetermined schedule. Not only does this program make it easier for consumers to keep up with filter replacements, but the US Department of Energy states that "...routinely changing and keeping your filter clean can lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption by 5-10%...". Additionally, extensive market research indicated that customers understand that keeping filters clean can help extend the life of their a/c systems.

  • 3. Why should someone enroll in A/C FilterSmart®?

    FPLES conducted extensive consumer research around air filters and after hearing customers' concerns, developed a program targeted specifically for them. Consumers told us that they often had a hard time finding the right size filter, remembering when to change it, and sorting through the sea of different filter options. The A/C FilterSmart® program takes the guess work out of keeping up with filter changes and helps consumers realize the benefits of decreased energy costs and longer air conditioner life.

  • 4. How long must I remain on the program?

    The AC FilterSmart multi-pack program has no contract! You can place one order at a time, or you can take advantage of automatic re-orders and save an additional 5% on every order. Either way, you can cancel at any time

  • 5. What does shipping cost?

    A/C FilterSmart® provides shipping for free if you order 4 or more filters. If you order less than 4 filters, there will be a nominal shipping & handling fee.

  • 6. Are these filters made in the USA?

    Yes, all A/C FilterSmart® Filters are manufactured in America using supplies, materials and components that are new and that meet or exceed filter manufacturing standards.

  • 7. Will A/C FilterSmart® notify me when they ship my filter?

    When you purchase filters from us, you should expect delivery in 4-6 business days. If you haven't received your filter by then, please call us immediately at 1-888-353-7451  so we can initiate an investigation

  • 8. Are these generic filters?

    No, these are high efficiency AC filters designed for the unique needs of Florida customers. For additional information, go to our FILTERS 101 section.

  • 9. What if a filter arrives damaged?

    If you ever have a problem with one of our filters, simply call 1-888-353-7451 so we can get a free replacement out to you right away.

  • 10. What if I get the wrong size?

    If you ever have a problem with one of our filter sizes, simply call 1-888-353-7451 so we can talk with you and help you determine the right filter size...then we’ll send it out to you right away. If you use our custom sizing guide we guarantee your filter will fit or we will send out a replacement or refund your money

  • 11. How many sizes are available?

    Hundreds! A/C FilterSmart® offers most of the common sizes used in Florida but also offers build-to-order sizes so we’re sure to get you the right size.

  • 12. I have a very unusual size; what do I do?

    In addition to our standard sizes, A/C FilterSmart® can also build-to-order ANY 1 inch thick AC Filter for only an additional $2.00 per filter. The minimum build-to-order size is 10” on the shortest side and the maximum size is 36” on the longest side. Our custom filters are built in ½” increments. Custom size filters are not available with the Arm & Hammer filter

  • 13. How do I determine my filter size?

    The easiest way is to look at your old filter. Assuming it fits well, it will typically have 2 sizes listed on the filter. The nominal size is usually larger or bolder font and it is larger than the actual size. For example, a common nominal size is 20” x 20” x 1”. The actual size of this filter might be 19 3/8” x 19 3/8” x 7/8”. If your existing filter doesn’t have a size or is missing, simply us our custom sizing guide. After you input your measurements, we will recommend the best size for you. Our filters come in ½” increments

  • 14. Is a MERV 8 filter really “energy efficient”?

    The FPL Energy Services Energy Efficient filter is a MERV 8 filter with good micro particle reduction capabilities and high air flow capacity, the “MERV 8 Air Filter” provides “Basic Allergen” filtration at a competitive price. With its wedge designed pleats and expanded metal reinforcement, this filter, which is made in the USA, helps your air conditioning system perform at an optimum level.

  • 15. Is the Advanced Allergen Care filter energy efficient?

    Absolutely; our Advanced Allergen Care filter has all the efficiency characteristics of our Energy Efficient filter combined with very high effectiveness in helping trap micro particles associated with allergies. For more information, go to AIR FILTERS 101 tab

  • 16. When will I get my first filter?

    You can expect to get your first filter within 4-6 business unless it contains custom sizes which take 1-3 days longer

  • 17. What if I have a billing question?

    Please contact an FPL Energy Services A/C FilterSmart® account specialist at 1-866-289-8136 to answer all your billing questions.

  • 18. Can I sign up for A/C FilterSmart® and have the filters shipped to another address?

    Yes you can. Multiple shipping addresses can be input and the billing address can be different.

  • 19. What are the standard A/C FilterSmart® Sizes?

    Please go to the enrollment page at to find a complete listing of all of the sizes we offer.

  • 20. What if my filter size is out of stock?

    The 32 standard sizes for A/C FilterSmart® are always stocked and even build-to-order sizes can be made within 5 business days.

  • 21. I have more than one AC unit – do they have to use the same filter type?

    No, one of the unique things about A/C FilterSmart® is that the program is designed to allow you to select a different filter type for each AC unit.

  • 22. How will my filters arrive?

    Our filters are economically delivered using FedEx SmartPost®. FedEx ships the filters to your local post office and the US Postal Service to deliver it to your home. Filters arrive in a 4" thick or larger box with filler to protect the filters.

  • 23. Is A/C FilterSmart® approved by FPL?

    A/C FilterSmart® is offered and provided by FPL Energy Services, Inc. (FPLES), which is a subsidiary of NextEra Energy, Inc., and an affiliate of Florida Power & Light Company (FPL). A/C FilterSmart is not offered, administered, or backed by FPL.

  • 24. Does A/C FilterSmart® use any FPL resources like customer lists, bill inserts, and on-statement billing to sell this program?

    No. FPL regulated resources are not used for this program. Any customer lists used for marketing purposes are purchased on the open market and available from list companies to anyone who wants to buy them. The program pays FPL to bill for this product on FPL’s bill as a convenience to customers. The program pays for all materials used to acquire and service new customers, and even pays FPL directly to allow placement of advertising in the FPL bill. FPL currently carries advertisements in the bill for a number of third party marketers including FPL Energy Services, and is open to other advertisers.

  • 25. What is FPLES’ relationship with CTM Enterprises?

    CTM Enterprises, LLC is the manufacturer of our filters and is one of the largest companies for filters in the US. They are major suppliers to many national retailers and also have exclusive licensing arrangements with many popular brands.

  • 26. Why is there a shipping & handling fee?

    Shipping and handling is always free when you order four or more filters. The shipping & handling fee only applies when the total number of filters less than four. The nominal fee is charged when the order does not allow for full boxes of four filters or more. To avoid the handling fee, simply order a total of four or more filters every time. For example, let’s say you have 2 A/C units. Instead of ordering 2 filters at a time, order 4 at a time to maximize your savings and avoid the shipping & handling fee.

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